Beauty Heroes celebrates 3 years in Novato, 8 years online

September 28, 2022
Beauty Heroes celebrates 3 years in Novato, 8 years online

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Novato, you’ll find the best in healthy beauty, Beauty Heroes, the only store that holds the most rigorous ingredient standard in the industry. 

Beauty Heroes offers a discovery subscription service and online store loved worldwide and brought to life in Downtown Novato. The Beauty Heroes Flagship Store is a discovery-based shopping experience offering a fresh and thrilling take on healthy beauty and wellness. In-store, you’ll experience their curated collection of truly healthy beauty and lifestyle meeting their sky-high ingredient standards and ‘Live Lighter. Love More.’ philosophy.

Today, their online and Novato store stock over 100 of the healthiest beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands from around the world.

In September, Beauty Heroes crossed a major milestone celebrating three years of its Beauty Heroes Flagship Store and eight years online globally. A big achievement considering the hardships the pandemic has put on businesses. 

To celebrate, we sat down with Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Beauty Heroes in her Novato store to talk about the company’s achievements in the past eight years.

“I never really planned on opening a store in Novato,” Jarnot shared. “That really came after our company experienced good uptake and success globally.”

Jarnot and her team achieved global success through a simple formula with their monthly subscription box which aims to slow down beauty discovery and introduce truly healthy beauty to people in a focused, intentional and educational way. 

“If it’s proven to be a harmful ingredient, if it’s banned in other countries – because America doesn’t regulate cosmetics and ingredients … if it’s got studies that say it’s harmful to people or not readily biodegradable or harmful to the environment, you won’t find it in our products,” Jarnot said. 

Over the recent years, Clean Beauty has become more popular with big-name beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta offering “clean beauty”. However, just because the words clean beauty are slapped on the side of a product, does not mean it’s reaching truly clean standards like Beauty Heroes. 

Furthermore, Beauty Heroes focuses on more than just Clean Beauty. They focus on a movement coined by Jarnot, ‘Blue Beauty’, aka a bluer shade of green. Blue Beauty means safe, sustainably sourced ingredients that are also ocean-safe ingredients plus reused, recyclable, or refillable packaging. 

“The clean beauty space is really not going all the way when it comes to ingredients,” Jarnot explained. “Beauty is a vulnerable thing for women, and our position is that the products we sell perform better than traditional beauty products. And we know that because they’re full of really good ingredients that are great for you. They naturally do a better job than cheap synthetic ingredients that are just kind of glossing over and sitting on the surface of your skin.”

Through all these decisions to cut brands and ingredients that don’t meet their standards, it’s landed Beauty Heroes awards like the Best Retailer Impact Initiative. Jarnot says she’s proud to be a small (though we wouldn’t consider them small) company based in Novato, making a global impact.

Whether you’re ready to try truly healthy beauty products, looking for a customized facial, or simply want to discover more, Jarnot encourages you to visit the Beauty Heroes store in Novato. Walk in and you’ll be served botanical teas and infusions to sip on that will welcome you to the world of ‘Live Lighter. Love More.’

Located on 817 Grant Avenue, Beauty Heroes is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am – 6pm and Sunday from 11am – 4pm. You can also keep up with them on their website and social media channels.