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Art By Sue Lassetter

Art By Sue Lassetter

7049 Redwood Blvd
Novato, CA 94945

Tel: (415) 847-7625

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I owe my interest in painting to my children. Whilst helping them with creative projects they encouraged me to develop my art interests. In 1999 I signed up with the local community college and took drawing classes. From there I took oil painting classes for 4 years and discovered a passion and love for oil painting. I have been working independently ever since enjoying a creative career, and have shown in New York and Los Angeles Galleries.

A background of fashion design and buying helped me understand color and design. I love being able to create depth and feeling on the flat surface, and have a passion for the form and color of flowers. I am fascinated in the way that petals bend and curve over each other, and by the texture and color of materials like aged wood, rusted metal, and stone.

Recently I have embarked on a Marin Fog Series. Hiking in the hills surrounding my home in Lucas Valley I could not ignore the beautiful landscape that I enjoy every day. With that beauty and the changing seasons and atmosphere in my head the fog talked to me and I had to paint it as I see it.

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