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Kate’s Blossoms

Kate’s Blossoms

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Kate’s Blossoms is a Novato florist providing fresh floral designs and brilliant botanicals to compliment the occasion, season, recipient and location.

“You would be hard pressed to find the person who does not enjoy giving the gift of flowers, or who is not absolutely delighted when they receive flowers. This is because flowers, one of nature’s most wonderful marvels, encourages joy, and eliminates worry. Flowers promote compassion, they inspire, they improve energy, and they enhance enthusiasm.

Also, I really can’t think of any other gift or tangible item, which can better say thank you, or I love you, I appreciate you. The floral bouquet can complement any and all celebrations, in a simple manner or in a big expressive way. Flowers make sad times, reflective times, a little bit easier. It is this gift from nature, when paired with these acts and these virtues, that inspires us to ask questions of our clients, and listen to them, so we can do our job well and do it entirely.

We coordinate with the Bay Area’s finest growers and distributors to select the freshest flowers the market has to offer, and bring to our clients the precise floral designs that they requested, and those designs which they might not have been able to ever imagine.”