Dip into fall, with the return of locally-sourced soup season

September 28, 2023
Dip into fall, with the return of locally-sourced soup season

A quick trip down Redwood Blvd to Trader Joe’s is all it takes to confirm that pumpkin spice is once again back for fall. That aromatic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger is showing up in all sorts of places, from pretzels to crackers, dog treats and, of course, coffee. While this seasonal spice trend might have gotten a little out of hand, it blends nicely with one of our favorite Fall traditions. Homemade soup is back on the menu, and it’s the perfect way to welcome the season in the kitchen and on the dinner table.

Novato is lucky enough to now have two farmers’ markets. The Downtown Novato Community Farmers Market and the Hamilton Landing Farmers Market. Not only can you make an enjoyable date out of attending either of these, but you’re sure to discover the freshest local produce and artisanal delights, all while supporting your local farmers, artisans, food creators, and small businesses.

Nugget Markets on Pacheco Plaza is the perfect place to pick up ingredients for their own pumpkin soup recipe, which promises hints of spice, citrus and cream. Or head to Whole Foods and pick up some butternut squash and give their butternut squash soup recipe a whirl. They even offer tempting suggestions for mixing things up a bit, if you feel like giving your soup Thai or Southwestern flavor profiles.

This time of year, there’s an abundance of squash at your go-to Novato grocery stores to keep things seasonal. Squash is a highly nutritious fruit — yes, we said it, technically this vegetarian staple is technically a fruit, not a veggie!  It contains seeds and grows from the flower of a plant (think squash blossoms, which are themselves edible). 

But let’s not forget those folks who, for whatever reason, can’t quite embrace squash as the perfect fall food. Among other soups that stir us with seasonal vibes include French onion, creamy tomato and white bean with ham (find recipes for all these and more in Food & Wine’s fall soup roundup).

Whatever your go-to grocery store, from Safeway to Grocery Outlet, there’s plenty of produce just waiting to be turned into warm and welcoming fall soup. We hope we’ve inspired you to get seasonal in the kitchen and shop locally, whether or not you’re reaching for that ubiquitous pumpkin seasoning.