Fresh and in Season

April 6, 2015
Fresh and in Season

Marin is at the forefront of the farm to table food movement, and for many, seasonal eating has become second nature. In Novato, we’re lucky to have retailers who make it easy to consume wholesome, organic produce. Whole Foods offers up a bright and colorful selection of fruits and vegetables, many from local suppliers. Not sure what’s currently in season, or need a few recipe ideas? Check out these seasonal suggestions.

Asparagus in season, from the familiar green and pale-cousin white to purple spears. Ever considered making raw asparagus pesto? Lemon asparagus soup? Asparagus and mushroom frittata? has 10 tempting recipes for seasonal asparagus fans.

A seasonal vegetable that sometimes eats like a fruit, rhubarb is ready right now. You can research your rhubarb at Eat the Seasons, and check out recipes for classic rhubarb crumble, and a savory leg of lamb with rhubarb salsa.

Leeks are still in season, and while it may be a little late in the year to be planning a hearty potato leek soup, Serious Eats has tips on a variety of leek preparations, including grilled leeks with an Asian vinaigrette.

Rounding out our seasonal selection? Strawberries. Can you imagine thirty different ways to serve them? Martha Stewart can. Check out her extensive selection of artful ideas for enjoying strawberries by the pint.