Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet! (with a little help from Novato businesses)

December 28, 2017
Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet! (with a little help from Novato businesses)

For many, when January arrives, the holiday diet of rich foods and sedentary activities has to come to an abrupt end. With the New Year comes new intentions, some goal setting, and hopefully time to get off the couch and move around a little. Ready to give fitness a go? If the weather stays crisp and clear, Novato is full of outdoor recreation opportunities. If you’d rather be indoors, we have plenty of gyms and yoga studios.

As ever, the internet is full of strategies for keeping your resolutions, like being patient and measuring progress, however incremental. Like understanding and anticipating the triggers that have you reaching mindlessly for another snack. Using small rewards as positive reinforcement when you achieve your goals.

A great first step to achieving your 2018 goals is to write them down and schedule time for them. Handily, Copperfields Bookstore on Grant Ave has a wide range of journals, calendars and 2018 planners that will help get you organized for the new year.

One way to ease yourself into better habits is with yoga. Novato has a few places where you can stretch yourself, if that’s your style. Locally-owned and operated Sukha Yoga offers classes in a variety of yoga styles in Downtown Novato. As the name suggests, Some Like it Hot on Ignacio Blvd offers the intensity of Hot Yoga, along with a few Hot Pilates classes every week.

For a more intensive way to embrace the New Year, Crossfit North Marin offers to get you into the best shape of your life — if you’re willing to put the work in, of course. Orangetheory Fitness on Diablo Avenue offers the support and accountability of group workouts and the promise of high intensity training.

Finding it hard to fit a workout into your schedule? Anytime Fitness is open twenty four hours at the Novato Fair shopping center on Diablo Avenue, so you can hit the gym when the mood strikes. If motivation is your issue, connect with Odysseus “Ody” Andrianos, who takes a life-coaching approach to personalized workouts at Ody’s Gym.

Many guides to building good habits talk about the importance of scheduling. Consider signing up for a class, either at one of the yoga schools or gyms we’ve mentioned, or try martial arts as a weekly practice. You’ll find Novato Family Martial Arts on Redwood Blvd, Ito’s White Tiger on Grant Avenue and North Bay Jiu Jitsu on Nave Drive.

If the great outdoors is more your thing, DSW at Vintage Oaks takes the sting out of buying a new pair of running shoes with typically discounted prices. If you prefer your running to involve kicking a ball around too, All Season Soccer would like to remind you that now’s as good a time as any to grab some new soccer gear.

It would be remiss of us not to mention that great Marin pastime, cycling, as a way to burn off the holiday calories. If your bike’s not in the best running order, a trip to Bicycle Brustop or Old Town Sports may be in order. Once you’re all kitted out, head over to Stafford Lake Bike Park for one of Novato’s best outdoor workouts.

As for healthy eating, Whole Foods has many healthful choices for the January dieter. While you’re there, keep an eye out for super-food products from Navitas Naturals, who happen to be a Novato-based company making a splash in the health-food scene.

For other local supermarket options, there’s a great selection of healthy food at Nugget Market on Ignacio Blvd, Harvest Market on San Marin Drive, and Trader Joes on Redwood Blvd at Olive.

Whether you’re eating better, exercising more often or simply catching up on some hobby time, make a resolution to think local when you’re shopping. It’s convenient and good for the local economy. Your local retailers appreciate your support, just as much as they’re happy to be supporting you.