Mark Your Calendars for The Great American Buy Local Day on April 7th

April 3, 2020
Mark Your Calendars for The Great American Buy Local Day on April 7th

This April 7th is The Great American Buy Local Day and we encourage everyone to shop local or simply show your support to any of your favorite Novato businesses. Even with the active Shelter in Place for Marin County, there’s still plenty of ways you can show your appreciation without filling your cart with merchandise. On Great American Buy Local Day you can:

Write a positive review: Businesses thrive off of positive reviews so sharing your thoughts and experiences will encourage others to look to them in the future. Filling review sites with your positivity shows others, and the business, what makes them special.

Refer a friend: Referring a friend or family member is a great way to increase business for your favorite retailer, restaurant or service provider. All business owners appreciate referrals (even if they’re closed right now), and many offer incentives or discounts for doing so.

Purchase a gift card: If you don’t have a specific item in mind, why not purchase a gift card? This is an easy way to support local businesses that may not be open at this time.

Shop online: Many of our Novato businesses have online stores so check their websites or social channels to find out. Check out the Shop Local Novato retailers directory and the Shop Local Novato service providers directory for ideas.

Order for pickup or delivery: Many stores, restaurants and retailers alike, are currently offering pickup and delivery services. Call ahead or check their website for possible delivery options or ask if they’ll consider curbside pickup. Many of our local restaurants are also teaming up with DoorDash, UberEats or other carrier services to deliver.

Whether it’s sharing your positive experience through a review or referring a friend, shopping local is a great way to give back to your community. On April 7th make sure to show our Novato businesses just how much they mean to you.