Micro Food Hall, Local Kitchens coming to Novato

December 21, 2022
Micro Food Hall, Local Kitchens coming to Novato

Local Kitchens, a micro food hall that offers a diverse mix of restaurants all under one roof, will open its newest location in Novato, California in February.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area during the COVID-19 pandemic by Jon Goldsmith, Andrew Munday and Jordan Bramble, Local Kitchens was developed as a way to help businesses flourish and bring their food to new markets.

Co-Founder of Local Kitchens, Andrew Munday, and his colleagues asked business owners what their biggest challenges were during the pandemic and the topic of expansion continued to come up. 

“It was due to either the loans or finding space, it was really coming down to the operations,” Munday shared. “Every owner kept saying ‘when we expand to a new location, I don’t get to see my family for months because I’m just in the store day and night.’ It was the daily operations and that was the light bulb moment.”

The other business angle is being a one-stop shop for different types of cuisines. Local Kitchens offers a solution to families who might have children who are picky eaters or just a group of people with eclectic food preferences.

Local Kitchens Novato will be the business’ 11th location. Munday said they chose Novato because they wanted to expand further north and were seeking strong, tight-knit communities. 

“These communities are very different from urban environments,” Munday said. “In these tight-knit communities, people come in with friends, family and kids, those are the guests we want. Especially where word of mouth is really powerful.”

All Local Kitchen stores have seven to 10 different brands, featuring a selection of different cuisines.

“And the unique thing about us is that the food is exactly as it would be if you went to that business’s direct location,” Munday said. “We get the same ingredients sent fresh to us every day. Then our Local Kitchens staff actually cooks the food onsite.”

The new location in Novato will feature 10 different brands.

  • The Plant: A cafe committed to serving organic, sustainable ingredients and often sourced from local farms. Serving up colorful, fresh salads.
  • The Melt: California’s go-to for all things cheese, such as the classic sandwich, macaroni and cheese, and their famous MeltBurger.
  • Sushirrito: Creator of the world’s first sushi burrito restaurant brand. Serving up Japanese and Latin hand-held sushi burritos.
  • Rooster & Rice: Simple, yet healthy take on the Thai classic Khao Mun Gai, or ‘chicken rice’ made fresh daily with organic ingredients.
  • Proposition Chicken: Choose your chicken adventure from fried, flipped (rotisserie), or fake (barbecue tofu) as a sandwich, salad, or entree.
  • Oren’s Hummus: Creamy Israeli hummus bowls, fluffy pita sandwiches and skewers.
  • Curry Up Now: Indian food with a modern and innovative twist on traditional Indian favorites like tikka masala burritos, plates and bowls.
  • Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream: Putting a spin on classic ice cream, featuring flavors like Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple and Tahitian Vanilla to Secret Breakfast, your sweet tooth will thank you.
  • Milk Bar: Created by chef Christina Tosi in 2008, Milk Bar is known for putting a playful spin on American desserts and savory snacks. 
  • Pressed Juice: Vitamin-rich, cold-pressed juices, smoothies & plant-based foods to keep guests nourished all day long.

Orders can be placed on the company’s website, through the mobile app, or in-store. Guests receive text message notifications when their food is ready. The Novato location will feature indoor and outdoor seating, and delivery will also be available. Local Kitchens will be located at 880 De Long Avenue, Novato CA. 

* A prior version of this article stated that Local Kitchens in Novato would be opening in January. We were provided an update from the Local Kitchens team that date will now be in February. This article has been updated to reflect that change.