Our Local King of Cocktails

March 22, 2021
Our Local King of Cocktails

Image credit: King Floyd’s

Luckily, in Novato, we can once again enjoy cocktails at many of our favorite local bars — just in time for National Cocktail Day on March 24th! However, it’s understandable that many of us would prefer to celebrate safely at home this year.

For all you mixologists at home, there is good news! You can still shop locally for all your favorite cocktail ingredients, with Novato’s very own King Floyd’s Bar Provisions.

King Floyd’s creates hand-crafted bitters, syrups, salts, and other bar provisions in small batches using the finest ingredients available. They grind the herbs and spices by hand and then percolate and macerate the freshly ground herbs and spices for up to two months, stirring the mixture every day. When the mix has matured to the desired depth of flavor, it is then filtered and mixed with just the right amount of maple syrup to slightly sweeten before bottling.

Some of the superstar flavors include aromatic bitters, cardamom bitters, scorched pear and ginger bitters, and grapefruit rosemary bitters. Also in the lineup is Tastings.com’s 2019 Gold Medal Winner, cherry cacao bitters. Blending the sweet tartness of Montmorency cherries and the rich decadence of dark chocolate, this fruity and complex bitters boasts notes of caramel cream, dried figs, and grilled peach. Enjoy it in an old fashioned, or a cherry bomb cocktail.

King Floyd’s shares a whole selection of recipes to walk you through how you can enjoy each and every flavor. You can also pick up a craft sampler pack, including two award-winning flavors and some classic favorites, if you’d like to try a bit of everything! Spice up your cocktail with sriracha rim salt or go for something more sweet with chocolate cinn rim sugar. You’ll even find cocktail syrups and bar snacks too.

And just when you think this local company couldn’t get more creative, they recently launched six stellar hand sanitizers, in sprayable scents like lemon and lavender, and also in an unscented gel formula. With every purchase of $25, they’ll include a free hand sanitizer for you to try — now that’s a win-win!

Check out the plentiful locations where you can shop their bitters in person, shop online, or give the team a call at (415) 475-7811. We hope you’ll think local while you enjoy National Cocktail Day safely and responsibly!