Plan Your Fourth of July BBQ in Novato

June 26, 2018
Plan Your Fourth of July BBQ in Novato

Fourth of July is coming and with it, the need to plan a stellar backyard BBQ.
As ever, your local Novato businesses are ready and waiting to offer you great service and quality produce in your own backyard.

When it comes to planning any sort of party, you can’t beat the inspiration that comes with checking out fresh produce at the market. As it happens, the Downtown Novato Farmer’s Market is in full swing, May through September, on Tuesdays between 4 and 8pm.

The Farmer’s Market has a new location, at 1701 Grant Ave behind CVS on 7th Street. If you haven’t checked out the Market yet this year, this is a great way to reacquaint yourself with the produce on offer and pick up some farm-fresh veggies for the grill.

It almost goes without saying that Whole Foods will have plenty of fresh, organic gourmet ideas to make your BBQ a full-on foodie experience, and well-informed staff who can steer you right when it comes to things like fresh fish on the grill.

Plentiful chips, dips, and a good selection of pre-marinated meats are just some of the reasons why Trader Joe’s might be on your Fourth shopping route. Planning a party on a budget? Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on South Novato Blvd. offers value deals on brand-name products, and the chance of running into an unexpected bargain item or two.

Looking to take the easy way out this Fourth of July? Maybe a few of CostCo’s signature catering platters are more your scene. Along with great prices on large quantities of beer and plenty of other bulk-sized bargains, if you’re planning on serving a lot of guests, maybe plan to hit CostCo first.

Harboring a desire to go even more fully-catered? Forks and Fingers in Bel Marin Keys offers a range of catering services, including higher-end deli items that will make your party presentation really pop. If you’re looking to tailor a menu specific to your taste buds then get in touch with The Key Room Catering at Homeward Bound Marin. Their years of experience coupled with an exceptional team will take your party to the next level of awesome.

Our last recommendation is make sure your picnic chair is in tip top shape for Novato’s much anticipated Fourth of July parade. Pini Ace Hardware on South Novato Blvd has a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from so you’re set for a day of spectating.

Happy Fourth of July, from your local Novato businesses!