Novato Has A Spa for Every Budget

June 25, 2015
Novato Has A Spa for Every Budget

Every once in a while, each one of us wants to be pampered – polished up and re-centered so we can tackle the next day feeling fresh and confident. We are lucky to live in a community with several wonderful options for a temporary escape into the world of relaxation. Between Sunset Foot Reflexology, Massage Heights, Rolling Hills, and Moonstone Spa, there is a refreshing spa treatment at the right price for every Novatonian.

Reflexology is a hands-on approach to well-being that can be used for the correction and prevention of ill health in addition to being very rejuvenating. Tracing back to traditional Chinese medicine, Reflexology revolves around using different reflex points located in the feet to treat a corresponding area in the body. The licensed massage therapists at Sunset Foot Reflexology strive to maximize satisfaction and serenity within their services. Although the communal massage area is not meant for the privacy-oriented, the prices at Reflexology are hard to beat. Depending on if you want solely a foot treatment, a body treatment, or a combination of the two, prices range from a mere $35 to $70 for hour to hour and a half long sessions, making Sunset Foot Reflexology one of the most affordable spas in Novato.

Just minutes away in Hamilton’s Marketplace Center is the more upscale Massage Heights, which is a great alternative for those still looking for an excellent deal but not wanting to compromise on privacy. In addition to lavish massages, the spa also has a lovely facial menu. To incentivize a visit, Massage Heights offers special discount prices for your first visit – with massages ranging from $50 to $100 dollars, and facials between $60 and $90. The ambiance of the location is lovely, with wonderful scents and music to help you unwind. If you are looking for something even more soothing, you can indulge in the spa’s hot rock and scrub treatments for as little as $12 more.

The Day Spa located at Rolling Hills Club is another popular stop, especially for members of the club who receive special discount pricing on all services. Unlike Sunset Foot Reflexology and Massage Heights, Rolling Hills has a more extensive list of treatments – including body treatments and lash, tint, wax, and makeup packages in addition to massages and facials. The variety in treatment options is reflected in a much more varied price range, but overall the services are moderately priced. In addition to the service, customers are invited to enjoy the hot sauna and whirlpool before diving into the world of relaxation that Rolling Hills provides.

If luxury treatments are what you desire as opposed to massage sessions, Moonstone Spa may be the place for you. Offering facials, advanced treatments (i.e. microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and peptide illuminating systems), and body treatments like wraps, scrubs and waxing, you are guaranteed to exit the doors of Moonstone feeling like a new person. With services meant for luxury and treatments meant for clarifying and repairing, Moonstone can be as much a practical visit as a de-stressing one. Although the prices are higher than some of the other local options, the revitalizing effect the treatments will have on your skin are worth it.

Finally, there is the creme of the crop – the all-encompassing Spa De Novato. Conveniently located downtown, this Spa can cater to all of your pampering needs – containing a full hair salon in addition to esthetics, nails, massage, electrolysis, and spray tan studios. You are guaranteed to exit the Spa both feeling and looking more confident than when you entered. Of course, great variety and excellence comes at a higher price, but the feeling of true rest and rejuvenation you will get upon conclusion of your session is priceless.

No matter which spa is right for you, be sure to shop local!