Tips and Tricks for an Imaginative Halloween

October 22, 2020
Tips and Tricks for an Imaginative Halloween

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which means even more spooky fun to look forward to. But while parents are coordinating around Covid-19 restrictions, kids could be looking at a stay-home Halloween, rather than the traditional door-to-door trick or treat fun. Although that may not sound ideal, Halloween’s always been an opportunity to let the imagination run wild. With a little extra creativity, Novato families can reimagine the haunted holiday in ways that will give kids plenty to smile about.

Pumpkin carving and decorating is a fun family activity that doesn’t have to be put on hold. In fact, it’s at the top of the CDC’s list of “lower risk activities” for Halloween. Families can even join together with neighbors or friends outside, at a safe distance, to carve pumpkins together.

You can pick up pumpkins at most of the places you grocery shop in Novato, from Harvest Market on San Marin Drive to Nugget Markets on Ignacio, or Sloat Garden Center on Novato Blvd. Whole Foods, Safeway, and Trader Joe’s have pumpkins in stock as well. And there’s plenty of pumpkin carving inspiration online, if you’re ready to take your Jack O’ Lantern skills to the next level.

For costumes, Five Little Monkeys, on Grant Avenue, carries adorable costumes for kids year-round! Goodwill on 7th Street is another great option for inexpensive items that can be turned into fun costumes with a little creativity. If you’re short on time, you can find ready to go costumes at Target and Costco, both in Vintage Oaks.

If the kids are up in arms about the prospect of no trick or treating, a backyard candy scavenger hunt can be a solid substitute activity. Luckily, Novato is home to the wonderful Celine’s Sweets, which has one of the best collections of candy and chocolate in the Bay Area. Check their hours online before making a visit.

Want to let the kids enjoy a little socially-distanced outdoor fun? If neighbors are decorating their homes Halloween-style, create a visual scavenger hunt list, or print one out. Take the kids for a walk and see who spots the most iconic Halloween staples, from ghosts and skeletons to tomb stones and spooky spiders. Then head home and let the kids make Halloween cupcakes as a creative alternative to candy at a time when we shouldn’t be getting too close to too many people. You can pick up the ingredients for cupcakes at Harvest Market or Nugget Markets while you’re there getting pumpkins!

No kids around to make you creepy cupcakes? No problem! Our local Novato bakers have you covered! Teeny Cake on Redwood Blvd has a No Tricks All Treats platter available to pre-order, as well cookie making sets and other Halloween-themed treats. And for all you gluten-free ghouls, Flour Chylde Bakery on Grant Ave has a GF Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes Kit (yum!).

LIke a lot of things, Halloween will feel a little different this year. But with a little creativity and some local shopping for spooky supplies, there are plenty of at-home activities to make some wonderful memories on October 31st.