You Donut Want to Miss this Favorite National Holiday!

June 5, 2020
You Donut Want to Miss this Favorite National Holiday!

Word on the street is that you have been baking! From banana bread to classic chocolate chip cookies, it’s clear that Novato residents have been honing their baking skills during the active Shelter in Place order. But even if you fancy yourself a Great British Bake Off champion, there’s one sweet treat that’s not so easy to master – the donut!

Donuts are special. Their dough needs to rise twice and then be fried at a very particular temperature so they don’t burn. The process requires a unique blend of patience and attentiveness, not to mention a donut cutter (that’s right – those perfectly symmetrical holes have to be hand-cut!). So it’s no wonder these little wonders have their own holiday on June 5th – National Donut Day!

For those of you who have cracked the code and are able to make delicious donuts at home, we salute you! For everyone else, we’ve got you covered! Novato is proud to be home to some amazing local donuts shops, and they are open to serve you on June 5th and beyond. As early as 4am, you can pick up enormous apple fritters from Donut Works, located on Redwood Boulevard near Trader Joe’s. Or hop on over to The Square to find donuts, croissants, and other delicious pastries at Great Donuts. For those on the south side of town, you’ll find all your old-fashioned favorites at Golden Creme Donuts.

Whether you’ll be snacking on maple bars with your colleagues over Zoom or delivering rainbow sprinkle donuts to your kids before their morning classes (did someone say favorite parent?), we hope you’ll think local on National Donut Day. Enjoy!