However You Slice It, Novato’s Got Plenty o’ Pizza

September 18, 2019
However You Slice It, Novato’s Got Plenty o’ Pizza

Pizza lovers like nothing better than comparing the merits of slices and pies consumed on the quest for perfection. Whether you’re on your own personal pizza quest or simply someone who enjoys pizza from time to time, Novato has no shortage of pizza places to visit. With National Pepperoni Pizza rolling around on September 20th, it seems like a good time to namecheck some local Novato pizzerias.

Any list of Novato pizza joints has to include the Village Pizzeria on Grant Avenue, if only because of their distinctive location, the former Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church. Catch some sports at the bar, or focus in on pizza options that include “Mikey Likes It!”, a quirkily-named combo that includes pepperoni, spinach, mushrooms, onion and garlic.

Part of a popular, four-restaurant Marin chain, Stefano’s Pizza offers pepperoni fans multiple ways to get their fix, including a meat lovers option, and make-your-own orders that offer all sorts of combinations, from sauce types to cheeses, plus your favorite toppings. Appropriately for National Pepperoni Day, their Novato Special pairs pepperoni with crispy bacon and green onions.

Customization is very much in play at MOD Pizza, now delivering their “super-fast” pizza experience at Vintage Oaks shopping center. With over 30 toppings, they offer seemingly endless pizza possibilities. The Mad Dog is their take on the classic meat lover’s pizza, in this case featuring pepperoni, mild sausage and ground beef. And they really are super-fast, creating artisan personal pizzas at a speed that has to be experienced first hand.

A more traditional Italian pizza experience can be found at Boca Pizzeria. Boca has an upscale feel, from an appetizer menu that boasts dishes like charred octopus and organic polenta, to a pizza menu that includes butternut squash, pear and brussel sprouts as featured ingredients. Pepperoni is featured alongside fennel sausage as a house pairing, or you can make it your way.

Ghiringelli’s Grill and Bar is another traditional Italian dining option. You’ll find pepperoni in their Italian Combo, and on their “The Godfather” pie, a take on the meat-lover’s that includes meatballs and multiple cheeses. Other pizza menu standouts include roasted wild mushrooms, promising a savoury treat for vegetarians. You’ll also find the likes of fried cauliflower and East Coast lobster rolls on a menu built to satisfy a hungry clientele. To catch some sports with your pizza, head to Ghiringelli.

Family-friendly Mary’s Pizza Shack offers a kid’s menu, which is always appreciated by parents looking to stick to the family budget. Their full menu offers options like hearty calzones designed to be shared, “savory, sweet and spicy” options including the ever-controversial pineapple-as-a-topping (we say “yes please” when the mood strikes), and four different sizes of build-your-own. Pepperoni is offered as both “mild” and “classic spicy.”

Popular Bay Area chain Red Boy Pizza has a Novato location where you can sample their signature sourdough crust. The Pizza Luciano is their signature take on classic pepperoni pizza.

At Extreme Pizza, possible sauce toppings include peanut sauce, Tandoori, balsamic glaze. So there’s no doubt it lives up to the name. With cold beers on tap and a more-is-more approach to topping choices, this pizza joint could be the perfect spot to catch up on calories after some mountain biking at Stafford Lake Bike Park. As for our featured menu item, you’ll find pepperoni in a few of their signature “carnivore pizzas”, including the Everest, their mighty take on the meat-lover’s.

Speaking of Everest, Mountain Mike’s is a popular chain with a Novato spot at the Triangle Plaza (and their own meat-centric pie dubbed the Everest, though at Mountain MIke’s you’ll find some veggies in the mix too). A mountain of pepperoni is what’s promised on their signature pie, with crispy-edged meat goodness from edge to edge.

Whatever you’re looking for in pizza, from a fast, filling family meal to a wood-fired entree for date night, Novato has plenty of options on the menu. And it doesn’t need to be National Pepperoni Pizza Day to give some of them a try. Though sometimes, those little red slices of happiness are all we need to make our pizza-loving mouths water.